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Oceano Dunes SVRAWelcome to the Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area (SVRA). Formerly known as the Pismo Dunes, this awesome sand dune and beach area provides a scenic and exciting playground for everyone. Including Off-Highway Vehicle enthusiasts (4x4, atv, quad, motorcycle, sandrail, etc.), campers, swimmers, surfers, kite-surfers, water-bikers, fishermen, hikers, and all around SAND JUNKIES!!

Camping on the beach provides one of the Greatest experiences you will ever have on the Central Coast of California!

However, vacationing on the Dunes does provide some unique challenges (as you will be camping without any facilities). This is where we come in...

Operating 3 Full-Service trucks, an Air-Up Station, and the Banana Cabana, we supply some of the basic needs, services, and products that allow you and your family to have the best stay possible!

Our Goal... Is To Make Your Vacation BETTER!

Operating 3 Full-Service Trucks. Banana Cabana - We've Got What You Need! Air-Up Station:
     12 Very-Fast Hoses. 175psi. 30cfm. 190 gals stored air.
     Located by Pole 1 on Hardpack.

We come to you with:
  • Fresh-Water Delivery
  • Holding-Tank Pump-Out
  • Firewood

You come to us for:

  • Air
  • Banana Cabana (the Beach Store)

Filling a Trailer With WaterWater represents LIFE (and happiness) when you're on the Dunes... with us replenishing your Fresh-Water Supplies... you can shower as often as you like, there is little need to conserve your water supply. In fact... because of weight considerations & the cost of gas, many people come "dry" and have us fill up their water tanks when they get here. And, there is no need to carry drums of water in.

  • 75 cents/gal - To Fill-Up Your Trailer or Jugs

Emptying a Trailer's Holding-TanksAs you use up your water, your holding tanks are filling up... and we can empty those for you also! You do not need to uproot camp and go into town for this chore... we are there for you (You'll probably be buried up to your axles in the sand anyway).

  • $40 - To Empty Both Black & Gray Tanks
    An Important Note:
  • The Dumping of Gray-Water onto the Beach is Illegal and Prohibited by State Law.
  • Violators are ticketed & fined ($3,400).
  • Not dumping your gray-water onto the beach is an essential step towards the fight in keeping the Oceano Dunes Open!

Nothing Better Than a Beach FireAnd firewood... is a key essential to all good camp-outs. Unfortunately, weight and space considerations limit the amount of firewood you can bring. Our service will deliver firewood right to your camp.

  • $6 - Bundle of Firewood

Air Up Your TiresDon't stress about getting air to air up your tires after you air them down... we have an Air-Up Station located by Pole-1 on the hardpack, with 12 Very Fast Air Hoses.
It is X-Stream Air & High PSI.

  • $1 - Per Tire

Banana Cabana - We've Got What You Need!A must visit on your trip to the Dunes, is to stop by our Banana Cabana. It's incredible how many items we have! The Banana Cabana Rocks...!!!

  • Pismo T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, & Stickers
  • Food/Snacks
  • Ice Cream
  • Ice & Firewood
  • Beach Toys
  • Personal Hygiene
  • ATV Flags, including Lighted Whips
  • 22' Flagpoles & Flags
  • Riding Gear
  • Camping Items & RV Supplies
  • Propane & Fence Posts
  • Located just North of Pole 4 on the Hardpack

Quad-Rider on Top of a Dune

Daily service is always provided off the beach at:

  • Oceano Campground
  • North Beach Campground
    Contact Us to find out our current daily time-schedule in these 2 State parks.
Oceano Campground North Beach Campground

We also provide "on-call" service in all of the local campgrounds & RV resorts:

  • Pismo Coast Village
  • Pismo Sands
  • Holiday RV Park
  • Sand & Surf
  • Pacific Ranch Dunes
  • Elks Lodge No. 2504

Summer Hours
Thu-Sat: 8:00am - 6:00pm
Sun-Wed: 8:00am - 4:00pm

Winter/Spring Hours
Thu-Sat: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Sun-Tue: 8:00am - 4:00pm
Wed: Closed

Christmas Day

With Shorter Hours On
Thanksgiving Day and Easter Sunday

Contact Us with any questions about this schedule.

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