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Brittany Is A Princess!

Brittany was born with Cerebral Palsy, which she was diagnosed with at birth. She turns 11 on September 5, 2008, & cannot walk or talk. The main goal for children with cerebral palsy is for them to gain their independence; through walking and talking. Our biggest goal as parents is to give Brittany every opportunity to achieve this.

Brittany has received physical & occupational therapy 3-4 times a week since she was one month old. We have been blessed to have excellent programs here in our home town, and at school, with great therapists. She has come a long way & has developed well. She currently attends 4th grade with other Special-Needs children.

Adeli-Suit Therapy…

In the small town of Mielno, Poland (8,000 miles from home), the EuroMed Rehabilitation Center developed a new/cutting edge therapy program, which has seen terrific results.

In a nutshell…

The Russian Cosmonauts would spend months in outer space on their space station. Living in weightlessness, without gravity, for a long period of time they would lose strength, co-ordination, mobility & general correct use of their limbs (muscle atrophy). A suit was designed to help rehabilitate them from this. The suit has now been adapted for use with children with cerebral palsy, the "Adeli" suit.

In April 2001, Brittany attended her 1st therapy session in Poland. Their program consists of a one-month long, intense therapy program. 6 hours a day, 6 days a week. This included; massages, strength conditioning, body control, limb control, crawling, walking, & verbal communication.

While Brittany and Annene (Brittany's mom) were in Poland, a "similar" center was opened in Anaheim, CA, an answer to our prayers... much closer to home! Brittany completed 3 sessions at the Anaheim center over the next 2 years.

How did she do… Awesome!

The results of these trips were so very noticeable; it's amazing! Brittany is much stronger, her balance is better, she has better limb & body control, and in EVERYTHING she does there is a MAJOR improvement with her co-ordination.

What's next…

Unfortunately, Brittany's hips are no longer strong enough to support this rigorous treatment, so we are taking a new direction with her therapy...

Ride & Shine Adaptive Horseback Riding Program...

Once a week Brittany has an hour long horse riding lesson. This program utilizes specially trained horses to achieve increased balance, muscular control and attention skills. It also provides Brittany with exercise and much enjoyment.

We continue to see growth in her muscle control and abilities. Brittany loves this horse riding therapy and she will be continuing it for a long time.


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