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About Brittany's 1st Spaghetti-Feed Fund-Raiser

Brittany, With Her Million-Dollar Smile

What a wonderful & blessed night Saturday, December 9th, was! The "Help Brittany Get To Poland" Spaghetti-Feed Fund-Raiser was an amazing success. Educated "guess-timates" put the total number of people in attendance to about 350.

In just 4 short weeks (with Thanksgiving tossed in the middle), family, friends, and the local community, all came together in a remarkable effort to help little Brittany. In just 3 hours, over $11,400 was raised for her.

Brittany was born with Cerebral Palsy and is now 3 years old. She cannot yet walk or talk or crawl. She has been accepted to Poland's EuroMed Rehabilitation Center, a new/cutting edge therapy program that will help her develop. Momma & Brittany's 1st trip to Poland will be in April 2001, a 2nd trip in October, & they will probably make the journey a total of 4-5 times over the next 2-3 years.

Saturday's dinner had all the bits and pieces of an inspired event. We wish to thank every person & business that contributed, either with their personal time for fund-raiser co-ordination or with a donation. The hard work that everyone put in was summed up by the "cooking-staff" at the end of the event, "Well how was the party?" They had been so involved in their task of cooking, that they never got out to enjoy the occasion, and we Thank You for that!

There were so many stories that evening which truly made it a night to remember. Bob and his Uncle Ken bidding against each other for the window-cleaning certificate during the live auction was a classic moment. The people eating outside because there was no more room inside (sorry). Christy who missed out on dessert because her boyfriend had already donated all his money. Jeanne bringing a homemade cheesecake for auction, just because she wanted to. The Mother Lode Lions Club donating a check & sponsoring Brittany for one week in Poland. Brittany with her big smile all night. The kids running, the terrific food (Thanks Jeff & Carrie for being in charge of that), the prizes, the raffles, the people; it was ALL Great!

Jay Cooper (our MC for the evening) said it was a wonderful group of people, and he is right. God has surrounded and blessed us with caring, loving people. And without all your help, we could not have accomplished such a great evening.

A couple of dreams by Daddy Dave, in which only 23 people showed up, kept us all a little bit nervous. But how silly we are to think that we had anything to do with the number of people showing up. God, our provider, was in control the whole time. He had a plan… and it worked. This entire event was blessed from the minute it-was-a-go, and we Praise God for that.

So… Thank You… to each and every one of you… for your part in making Brittany's dinner a success.
You are in our prayers, and God will bless you for you generosity!

The Kraus Family-
Dave, Annene, Ashley, Brittany, & D.J.


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